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Товарищи, требуется помощь знатоков русской поэзии (предположительно серебряный век или классический русский романс). Есть англоязычная песня, перевод с русского, хочу опознать оригинал.

When the snow is in your eyes
And you can't see where you walk
You'll hear my song from you ??? dreams
And your heart will awake as in spring.

In the still of the dark night
When you lay awake and afrayd
You'll find some warmth in my songs of the past
And I'll be with you as I say

I've made a fire of my memories
And threw all the ash to the wind,
For if I couldn't live without your love
My songs wouldn't mean anything.

And when at last yiu remember
That you danced and laughed to my song
You'll look through in your rose-colour glasses
And think why was I ever gone?

I'll be with you,
I forgive you,
You forgot me,
I forgive you,
Please forgive me too...

Могу выслать мп3-файл для опознания на почту.
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